What services does Nexel Health offer?

Nexel Health is a revenue cycle management group that provides unparalleled service to
it’s customers, to increase their revenues, streamline workflows and make better business and clinical decisions, while reducing administrative burdens and operating costs.

How long has Nexel Health been in business?

Nexel Health has an outstanding history of 20+ years in the medical billing industry.

Which geographical regions does Nexel Health serve?

Nexel Health has a significant operational footprint across the U.S. serving physicians and practices in all 50 states. Our network of regional facilities allows our teams to better serve clients across the country and cater to their specific needs.

What is included in Nexel Health’s billing services?

We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management services that include claim submissions
and follow ups, rejection handling, denial management and appeals; and timely payment
postings to ensure maximum reimbursements.

What makes Nexel Health different from other revenue cycle management companies?

Nexel Health has consistently been recognized as a top-rated revenue cycle management
company. With a successful track record of almost 20+ years, our proprietary healthcare
technology, innovative solutions and comprehensive service portfolio have consistently
resulted in improved collections and cost optimizations for healthcare providers.

Does Nexel Health handle patient calls?

We realize that patients are at the heart of any successful practice. Nexel Health offers comprehensive patient helpdesk and front desk services that handle inbound patient queries on behalf of physicians.

As a Nexel Health Customer, will I get a dedicated account manager?

Yes, absolutely. Apart from a highly experienced and knowledgeable billing team, you are
assigned an account manager who is well-versed in your specialty, and trained on your
system if you utilize a third party platform.

How often does Nexel Health prepare and send updated reports for their practices?

Through practice management platform, you have access to all your reports and updates,
including payments and billing information. There are multiple clinical, financial and
practice management reports built into our platform, plus we can customize them to your
unique practice’s needs. You can access your account from anywhere using any
internet-enabled laptop or handheld device.

What level of technical assistance does Nexel Health provide?

As our customer, you are not only eligible for our comprehensive onboarding and training
program, but also have access to our 24/7 technical support center.

How often does Nexel Health submit claims?

We submit claims on a daily basis to ensure you get maximum reimbursements in a timely manner. If you are using a third-party platform, instead of our software, with a supporting interface, we can time the data download on a set schedule.

Does Nexel Health help transitioning data from a previous billing company?

Yes, our data migration teams work closely with new customers to ensure a smooth transition. We provide the necessary templates to your former billing company so that they can compile data in a format that is compatible with our system. After receiving data in the required format, we will import it into our platform for you, completely free of charge.

Can Nexel Health offer individual services as per client's needs?

As per our flexible structure and client oriented solution policies, Nexel Health can take on individual tasks or the entire practice, end to end, to help effectively manage the client’s operations; on client’s convenience

How can we help you?

Set an appointment with our professionals to discuss your needs. Help us to help you in a better way!

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